Phonetic Eyewear

Phonetic Eyewear was created by optical industry professionals determined to find a solution for digital eyestrain that was both fashionable and affordable.

Prior to Phonetic Eyewear, we had two options for computer eyewear:

  1. Wearing ugly yellow gaming glasses
  2. Buying specially made computer glasses from our eye doctor

Each of these options work just fine to ease digital eye strain. However, we found two fundamental problems: We’re adults and have no desire to wear gaming glasses with yellow tinted lenses every day (or any day for that matter.) And the specialty computer glasses from an eye doctor? Those can cost hundreds of dollars.

So we found a solution

At Phonetic Eyewear, we offer glasses with clear, prescription quality lenses that have a special coating to deflect a portion of unwanted blue light. We put these lenses into our frames designed for you – someone who wants to protect their eyes and still look good. Available in plano, reading glasses, sunglasses, and also prescription glasses, our frames are perfect for working at your computer or tablet, and stylish enough to wear all day long.