The Caitlin is a fabulous frame that combines sophisticated style with just a touch of fun. The wide square lenses and creative color combinations of black blue raspberry, berry tortoise, and emerald tortoise are perfect for every occasion.

  • Special premium lens coating deflects harmful violet/blue light eliminating the need for yellow or amber tinted computer lenses

  • Reduces transmission of violet/blue light, thereby reducing eyestrain and improving visual clarity while viewing computer screens, tablets, and other digital devices

  • Lenses made from prescription quality 1.56 index material and include easy to clean hard coating

  • Rx quality frame made from high quality acetate

  • Includes durable neoprene case and microfiber cleaning cloth


Phonetic Frame Form

Frame Color

Prescription Checkout

Material: Acetate

Size: 53-17-140

What's This?

What do these numbers mean?

Eyewear comes with sizing information on the inside of the each frame’s temple. These three numbers will typically read something like “51-19-140”. The measurements can be broken down as follows:

  • The first number is the width of the eye size in millimeters. This number is typically between approximately 46mm and 55mm.
  • The second number is the width of the bridge and is a number typically from 16mm to 22mm.
  • The third number is the length of the temple arm measured from the frame to the tip, if the arm was straightened and not bent around your ear. The temple is typically between 135mm and 150mm.

To approximate the total width of the frame, take the first number, multiply by two, then add to it the second number. So the width of a 51-19-140 frame is 121mm (51*2 + 19). Questions about sizing? Give us a call at 888-963-6017 and we’ll be glad to help.

If you already wear reading glasses, choose a plus power lower than yours by one.

If your reading power is +2.00, order a pair in +1.00.

If your reading power is +2.25, round down and order a +1.00.

*All Selections Offer
Blue Light Protection.